Our Official Launch


Paragraph One

We recognized the attack surface was growing rapidly into the SMB segment, and we realized MSP’s are working hard to serve those companies – but, who was serving the MSP in the ways they need? In January 2019, we embarked on a very deliberate year-long journey to find out.

Here are just some of the discoveries we made:

The job of an MSP is hard – really hard.

MSP leaders and their staff are entrepreneurs in the truest sense. Not just in the beginning, but for the entire life cycle of their company – all day, every day.

Individually and collectively, they must: multi-task to serve several companies at once with minimal resources, be on all hours of the night to field a constant stream of support issues, nurture relationships with existing customers, conduct sales and marketing to add new customers, work with vendors on product functionality and support issues, improve internal efficiencies to enhance profit margins, adapt to changing technologies and market swings, and the list goes on. These are not startup woes; this is a normal day in the life!

MSP’s need the Partners and the right tools to be successful.

Just like any trade professional, if you don’t have the right tools (or the right vendor or supplier purposefully improving those tools), it’s very challenging to succeed. Trying to adapt enterprise solutions to the needs of MSP’s can be hit or miss, and often times it’s very difficult for large vendor Partners to really establish the right feedback, communication, and innovation loop even though they’re fantastic companies with the best of intentions. This can cause frustration and leaves MSP’s to piece together the gaps, putting the integrity, security and profitability of their business at risk.

Acquiring Client trust and standing out from the crowd can be elusive.

To acquire and keep Clients, some MSP’s develop expertise in specific industry verticals or focus exclusively on geographic areas, others have developed a differentiated set of custom tooling or processes that enables superior managerial efficiencies, and some simply have excellent support responsiveness. There are many ways to stand out, but they all come with their own challenges and tradeoffs. Whatever the method of attraction, Client trust must be earned over time and can be lost with just one mishap. For MSP’s, the stakes are always high with existing Clients while simultaneously trying to onboard new ones. Any vendor or partner working with MSP’s needs to understand these fundamentals and work to help enable and solidify Client trust, not put it in jeopardy.

The equation for MSP success is changing in real time.

Mass public cloud adoption and the advent of SaaS has exerted pressure on the traditional MSP break-fix on-prem models, toward more modern approaches like managed cloud stacks. Even so, in many cases MSP clients still have on-prem or private cloud managerial requirements, especially depending on the industry served. This means cloud-based software solutions must also have hybrid capabilities. If not, it forces MSP’s to find a multiplicity of solutions to reach across environments, which includes more cost, more administrative overhead, and eats away at margins. So, while transformation is largely positive and presents a new set of opportunities for success, it’s not without risk.

To all MSP’s -

We get it, we empathize, and we are in the trenches with you!

Our Belief

is that MSP’s are the unsung heroes of modern business and will remain an absolutely critical part of our economy for decades to come. Therefore, MSP’s deserve the same quality solutioning offered to large enterprises, along with a curated support and enablement effort to reduce the friction to success.

Our Mission

is to serve you, continue to understand and listen to your needs, collaborate constructively, communicate with transparency, and enable you in your quest. If you succeed, we succeed. If you fail, we fail. Our vision is one of mutual benefit and our journey is intertwined with yours.

Today's Launch

Today, we officially launch Evo into the world, and more specifically to the MSP world. We’re not perfect yet, but our standards of excellence are as high as they come, and our commitment to building an extraordinary and highly effective product suite is unwavering. We started with multi-factor authentication (MFA), moved quickly into single sign-on (SSO) and now are developing some highly innovative Privileged Access Management (PAM) capabilities all purpose-built for the MSP – and we’re just getting started.

Our Invitation

We invite all MSP leaders, engineers, technical staff, support staff, and MSP industry organizations to come build with us in our quest to enable and protect the livelihood our Partners and their Clients.