Perfect for your Managed Stack.

Evo is the go-to white label identity and access solution for your managed stack. Deploy within seconds and scale effortlessly to any number of customers with low-code integrations and innovative new management capabilities.

Functionality Built
on MSP Feedback

Designed and built based on feedback from MSPs of all shapes and sizes. Since IAM for Service Providers and Resellers is all we do, our roadmap is influenced by you.

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Ultra-Simple Config          
  • White-Labeling
  • Great Customer Support
  • Low-cost leader
  • Integrates everywhere    

Phenomenal End
User Experience

Although Service Providers are our customers, we realize your end users need to be equally as happy. We're always improving the authentication experience to accelerate and improve business continuity.

Lightning-Fast Authentication

Easy Self-Enrollment

Integrates with Common Apps

Login with No Internet

Keys Save if Device is Lost or Broken

How is Evo different than others?

We've built our IAM product from the ground up specifically for MSPs. This includes a streamlined authentication experience you expect, with a host of other functionalities built to enable and dramatically improve internal efficiencies.

What is the pricing model?

We don't disclose pricing publicly, but our solution is the low cost-leader. There are no minimums and volume discounts are applied. Upselling options will become more common as our products matures.

What apps and systems do you support?

Currently we support SAML, RADIUS, and OpenID Connect authentication protocols. This means we can integrate with just about any common system or third party application.

Do you offer SSO as well?

Yes! Instead of splitting our technology into two products, single-sign on comes standard. After setting up any integrations simply turn on SSO by selecting the frequency you want users to re-authenticate.

Do you sell direct to SMB's?

No! We are serious when we say our commitment is to our Partners. If a company approaches us for a direct sale, we will refer them to an MSP Partner in the same local area or region.

How do I get up and running?

You can spin up a new environment in ~60 seconds. From there you can follow simple instructions to sync a Directory. Within just 2-3 minutes, all users are eligible for self enrollment.

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