Control User Access with an Identity Platform Built for MSPs

Eliminate credential sharing, establish powerful administrative permissions, mass deploy login security for your customers, and meet insurance and compliance requirements with Evo Security.

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EPIC is the next evolutionary step for MSPs, MSSPs, NOCs, and SOCs seeking to reduce credential sharing risk and secure logins for endpoints, network devices, and web applications all-in-one.

End-to-End Identity Management for IT Services

Stop Sharing Admins Creds with Streamlined Elevated Access

The big secret about managed services is that MSP administrators are forced to share customer passwords and MFA codes internally. Password Managers and other Password Rotation tools offer sharing convenience with some iterative improvements, however ultimately propagate the same problem. With cybercriminals targeting MSPs more than ever, and regulation mandates demanding a better way, this involuntary poor practice has run its course.

Meet Compliance by Establishing Least Privilege for Admins

Easily accommodate managed or co-managed Customer scenarios when technicians and administrators need access to the Evo platform using the Evo Privileged Access Manager (PAM). Prevent internal threats and misconfiguration by creating security groups accompanied by extensive granular permissions. Now key stakeholders only receive the least amount of privilege possible.

Secure Logins at Scale Across Customers

Secure logins using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) for web applications, servers, workstations, firewalls, VPNs, network devices, and more. One simple, multi-tenant place to deploy and manage authentication for your MSP and across all of your Customers that is 100% engineered top-to-bottom for the unique needs of MSPs.

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