Evo Elevated Access

Permanently Eliminate Sharing, Copying, and Pasting of Admin Passwords and MFA Codes

Next-Generation Technician Login to Customer Endpoints and Web Applications

Login as Yourself Everywhere

Introducing a new method of logging in as administrator that totally eliminates sharing of admin credentials and enhances MSP security

Technicians login as themselves into any internal or Customer Endpoint or Web Application
Technicians receive MFA prompt to their own device
Superior, low friction Technician experience
Works with RMM tools to Elevate in a remote session, or on a workstation when physically at the endpoint
No more copy/paste admin usernames and emails
No more copy/paste admin passwords
No more copy/paste MFA codes
Use admin creds per machine or client site-wide
No need for extra Password Rotation tool
Select rotation frequency, as much as every hour
Extremely long and complex password strength
Evo Cloud Directory-as-a-Service
Technicians don't know admin usernames
Technicians don't know admin passwords
Technicians can't access password vault

Built-in Password Rotation

The advertised value for most password vault tools today is password rotation. With Evo, powerful password rotation is built in and offers enhanced security with zero-trust best practices of least privilege for admins

Detailed Audit Logs and Auto-Provisioning

What happens when a Technician leaves an organization? How do you know what Technicians are really doing?

Elevation based on true Technician Identity
Auto-lockout and De-provisining for Admins
Evo Cloud Directory-as-a-Service
Protect Windows and Mac Endpoints
Protect Web AppsNetwork Devices
Protect Network Devices
Windows Workstations
Windows Servers
Mac Workstations
Domain Joined
Non Domain-Joined
Elevation in-person on machine
Elevation via Remote Support tool at UAC Prompt
Works with Microsoft LAPS

Elevate to Windows and Mac Workstations

Other solutions work for Windows only. How do you elevate into customers with macOS workstations?

Non-Invasive Deployment

The power and experience of Evo Elevated Access, but without any need to rip and replace your Customer's existing MFA

Avoid Time-Consuming Rip and Replace
Deploy to all Endpoints Under Management
Keep existing end user MFA Solution in Place
Works alongside common MFA Solutions
End Users don't know Evo is there
Deploy via RMM at Scale Across Customers
Dramatically Improve Admin Login Security
Exceed Compliance and Insurance Requirements
Drop IT Documentation Password Tools
Drop Point Solution Password Rotation Tools
Drop Admin Elevation Point Solutions
Drop Password Manager Vaults for SAML Apps
Drop MFA and SSO Solution

Consolidate Tooling

Before Evo, solving identity and access required tool sprawl, admin login friction, extra overhead, and dashboard fatigue

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