Evo Secure Login

Protect Endpoints, Network Devices, and Web Applications from Login Breaches

Protection Against the #1 Attack Vector

Evo Secure Login is packed with identity management capabilities needed to protect your MSP and your Customers from cybercriminals

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Sync from Azure AD and On-Prem AD
Secure Windows Endpoints
Secure SAML Web Applications
Secure VPNs via PAP
Powerful Audit and Logging
Android and iOS Authenticator Apps
TOTP Keys and Yubikeys
Multi-Tenant Admin Dashboard
Manage Your Company and Customers
MSP-to-End Customer Layer
MSSP-to-MSP-to-End Customer Layer
Partitioned Customer Databases
AES-256 Level Data Encryption
Access All Customers Quickly and Easily
Search for Anything Across All Customers

True Multi-Tenant Architecture

A single, scalable, secure place to configure and manage identity and access, built 100% for Managed IT Services.

Powerful Permissions and Security Groups

Engineered for the MSP, MSSP, NOC and SOC use cases for fully managed and co-managed IT services scenarios

Create Granular Permissions via Roles
Easy Ongoing Permissions Management
Limit What Admins and Technicians can do
Build Custom Security Groups for Mass Rollouts
Sync Security Groups from AD for No Extra Work
Easily Add or Edit Security Groups at Scale
Restrict Customer Access from Admins
Fully-Managed IT Permission Scenarios
Co-Managed IT Permission Scenarios
White-Glove Product Onboarding
Deploy for Endpoints via RMM
Customer Onboarding Automation
Self-Serve End User Enrollment
Self-Serve End User Password Resets
Easy TOTP Key or Yubikey Deployment
Simple License Management Across Customers
Simple End User De-Provisioning
Simple Mobile Device De-Provisioning

Streamlined Rollout and Deployment

Scalable and Automated Deployment, Onboarding, and End User Enrollment

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